Indemnity Form

Your removalist will be required to fill out the following form. This is to ensure that any damage done to common property during your move is rectified at the expense of the removalist or the occupant moving in/out.


(Employee's Email Address)

(Company Name)


(Occupant's Email Address)

(Apartment Number)

Undertake to all due care and diligence during the moving process.

Further, the Company/Occupant agrees to reimburse the Owners Corporation of ‘The Carlson Apartments’ any expense incurred by them in reinstating to original condition any surface or item which may become damaged or marked by the Company’s/Occupant’s actions.

In this regard, inspections will be carried out by the owners Building Manager both prior to and following the subject move.

Should you disagree with the assessment made by the Building Manager, your immediate response will be required. Failure to respond immediately will result in all further rights of appeal being forfeited.

Condition Report: